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As we reflect on 2017 and the tasks set before us as ambassadors of Christ, we can only come up with one word. Joy. This is our theme.  

In the crushing times of hardship and the mundane everyday tasks, the joy of the Lord is our strength. As we see the increase He brings to Foothills to further His Kingdom, our heart rejoices in his goodness. As we grow closer to each of you through service, groups and Sunday morning worship, we are filled with joy.   2018 is a year packed with promise and hope. He’s not done yet!

Our prayer is to honor God in our everyday service as administrative staff of Foothills Christian Church. May we use the resources he has given Foothills with great integrity. And may we operate guided by the Holy Spirit and through your prayers.

Team Members:

Debbie Schwinn - business manager

Tiffany Almaraz - office manager

Shayla Gardner - database manager

Greg newton - facilities manager


As always, change is inevitable. And with the changes this year, many blessings have occurred.  

After two of our key staff members moved out of state, and Sadie reduced her
position to part-time, we were very fortunate to have found Samaria Duncan. 
She has embraced her Curriculum Coordinator position whole-heartedly and has done a tremendous job!  We have also added Chelsea Severns, Krystal Soland, Christy Bauer and Farit Lowe to our team. These ladies are invaluable to our program on Sundays. We are blessed to have a strong, dedicated, and talented team!

Orange is still our curriculum and we continually make improvements to the delivery and presentation of the content. Quality is focus.

We finished the remodeling of Room 5 and the children’s bathrooms this year, and hope to finish the flooring in Rooms 6 and 7 early next year.  Our recent purchase of new classroom toys, books and parent resources has allowed us to make a difference in the lives of our children, staff, volunteers and families.

VBS was a great success this year!  We had a record number of kids and volunteers and the entire week ran very smoothly.  Our other annual outreach events were very successful, as well.  The parenting classes were well attended, the annual Easter Egg Hunt brought in more families than ever before, and the Harvest Party was incredible- we had approximately 550 people attend! We also introduced four new events this year: Open Gym for moms and their Pre-K kids, Building with Boxes, Mom’s Night Out and Santa’s Helper. 

2018 brings more change to Kids Kingdom.  Kim Cross will be stepping down as the Director of Children’s Ministry to create a family coaching center here at Foothills.  This resource will have a positive impact on both our church families as well as our community.  Kim will be training Kate Wilson, the new director, over the next several weeks.  Please welcome her as she transitions into her new leadership role. Sadie Schell will also be pursuing a new direction.  She is currently working as a classroom teacher and is excited about continuing on that path full-time. She will be greatly missed! 

We look to 2018 as another opportunity to grow God’s kingdom as we embrace inevitable change.  We continue to improve our program as we strive to lead children, and their families, toward Christ.  Our children are the future of our church and we embrace that responsibility with humility and hope.

Team Members:

Kate Wilson - Kids Director
kim cross - Family Counselor
Samaria Duncan - Kids Admin



We have had an exciting and innovative year in Foothills Students. We launched an exciting new ministry for our high school students, focusing on small group connections and serving in the church and community. We currently have two small groups and are working on two more. Part of this initiative has involved hosting lunches at high schools as outreach, and we have met nearly 100 students through these new lunches. During this time, our middle school ministry has been expanding. We have added volunteers and students in the ministry, and recently sent a bunch of our students to winter camp. Overall, we had a very exciting year and hope to further expand our ministry in students and depth over the next year.

Team Members:

Zac Peake - Students Director
Logan Wilkins - Students Assistant
Megan Cota - Intern


2017 was a banner year for Foothills Creative. From the live production to the posters on our walls we have seen a complete overhaul of how Foothills looks and sounds. We have grown to a position of creative influence on a state and national level and have enjoyed partnering with organizations like Valley Creative, CRTV Church, The Engaged Worship & Creative Conference, and many other churches. Our online worship experiences have grown to 150+ active and involved users every week and we’ve seen many people move to Boise influenced from our streamed services. 

In addition we have added a new member to our team, Derek Henbest who came on as our Music Director. He has helped bring a complimentary relationship with our Creative Director Jay Miller. Derek and Jay enjoy mixing the worlds of audio and visual to lead all of our creative teams into all God has for them. We are excited to see the content we are able to come up with this next year as we continue to mobilize our growing volunteer base. Derek has also started “Foothills Music” where we hope to release a 3-4 song EP of original songs for our church. Our goal is to release it to our church Easter 2018. We are pushing for a bigger and better creative community in 2018 and we hope these projects will only add to it!

Team Members:

Derek Henbest - Music Director
Jay Miller - Creative Director
Logan Wilkins - Tech Director
Brittain Belden - Creative Admin


2017 was a year of major growth and expansion in Connect! IWe ended the 2017 group life season with 43 active groups, launched over 30 brand new groups, deployed 72 group leaders, recruited 26 new group leaders, saw 308 group members, and connected 123 new people into community for the first time. through our groups survey we found out that 43% group members are interested in more Books of the Bible type studies, 100% of respondents say they have grown spiritually throughout the year, 77% of respondents say their small group community contributed to their spiritual growth,     57% of respondents read their bibles 2-5 times per week, and 63% of respondents attend church weekly.

In 2018 we want to develop an “others first” mentality in our groups. we will focus on the needs of unconnected people because unconnected people are infrequent attenders. We rally around these three words:

1. Recovery - people need a place and a process to heal from life’s hurts.     
2. Resources -Parenting, addiction, counseling, and classes.
3. Relationships - Everyone should feel a sense of belonging.

Team Members:

Dayna Mitchell - Connect Director
Ken Bell - Men’s Coach
Jan Edmonds - Women’s Coach
Pat Edwards - Short-term Coach
Nicole Severns - Connect Admin



2017 was an amazing year in Foothills Outreach! We would like to thank you all for contributing to our community.  Your generosity, love, and support blessed over 33,743 people in our community this year!

Food Pantry: Our food pantry brought in 170,005 lbs of food in 2017 and fed 33,743 folks this year.

Clothing Boutique: Our clothing boutique provided coats, clothes, and hope for over 1900 folks this year.

Foster Family Support: Our Foster family outreach program has provided many foster parents with a much needed 4 hour break each month. We tend to the children with loving hearts and hands and try to spoil them.

Christmas Toy Drive: Our toy drive was blessed with over 850 toys this year for children in foster care and other children in our community.

Annual Thanksgiving dinner: Our annual dinner brought many from around the Treasure Valley. We provided a full Thanksgiving menu and fed over 200 folks this year on Thanksgiving day.

Meals Team: This amazing team of volunteers worked hard this year to provide meals, side dishes, deserts and love to our community. They cook for funerals, sickly, and  anyone that needs extra help. This team provided meals for over 600 this year.

Community Outreach: We provided hope, love, prayers, clothing, and food to many of the homeless in our community this year.

Benevolence: Our benevolence has provided hope and relief to many hard working families in our community that needed a little extra help with rent, utilities, car repairs, gas, prescriptions, eye glasses, and much more due to unforeseen situations in their lives. 

Divorce care: This class has provided healing, love, and support for many in the valley that have experienced the devastation, pain, and hopelessness of divorce.

Prison Ministry: God’s word to touched the lives of many in prison through Doug’s sermons this year.. All of this is possible because of each of you! Your love, dedication, support, commitment, and generosity has blessed so many. Thank You all from the depths of my heart  for the opportunity to see God moving in mighty ways in our community.

Team Members:

Cynthia Speicher - Outreach Director



The Foothills family has been very active in supporting, sending and going on several missions this year, with more planned for next year! The love of Jesus has spurred us on to great things in spreading the Good News and performing acts of service and compassion in several countries.  

We continue to support missions in Baja Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti and India.  We also helped purchase sewing machines a ministry in Columbia (thanks to Paul and Judy Williams) The prayer and steady support means a great deal to the full-time missionaries and people of the churches, schools and orphanages.  We also continue to support the ISI (International Students Inc) ministry serving foreign students at BSU with the leadership of Gabriel Tippery.
We began this year hosting the Perspectives.org™ college level course on world missions with special guest speakers each of the 15 weeks.  Over 20 students from multiple Treasure Valley churches attended.

There were three mission trips to GVCM.org in Mirebalais, Haiti where we support a large orphanage.  This is also the site where we partnered with the Gooding Christian Church to create the Vision Sustained Farm.  The farm is doing very well providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the orphans and staff.  The first mission trip was to improve the electrical system to the orphanage, which was in desperate need of repair and safety improvements. These improvements continue to save on the monthly power bill for the entire site. The second trip was a medical mission, led by Donna Poole founder of CaMp Global Ministries, where providers and support team members saw hundreds of patients in the rural areas. The third trip was for small building projects at the farm and orphanage (including a teeter-totter for the toddlers).  Again, the Church has been generous filling nearly 100 Christmas gift bags for the children of Haiti (LuAnn Johnson led this year’s successful effort).  Thank you, Foothills!

Jason and Brenda Lloyd, with two daughters, traveled to our supported mission in Kerala India and had a fantastic experience hosted by John Gabriel and family. This is the first time FCC has traveled to the mission we have supported for many years.  The school there has received top honors for literacy and the orphanage continues to grow.  Our goal is to sponsor a new church plant with a three-year commitment as well as support for men’s and women’s ministries.

Also, a BIG thank you to the volunteers serving on the Missions Leadership Team and all the volunteers assisting fundraising (like the awesome and tasty bake sales) and prayer support.  Several helped make the new Mission wall display a reality (Brenda Martin, Christine Henesh, Steve Johnson) Brenda Lloyd has agreed to be the co-leader of the Leadership Team.  She and husband Jason are our liaisons to the mission in India, Jessica and Duncan Olson continue to be our liaisons to the Casa de Fe mission in Ecuador.  Brenda Martin has also agreed to assist with communications and various fund-raising efforts.  Greg Hite continues as the FCC Missions leader, liaison to Baja and was recently voted to the GVCM.org Board of Directors as a board member.  

Here are some highlights of upcoming events:

•    Haiti Sustained Farm mission January 10-21 to begin the construction of a chicken egg production facility so the children can get added protein in their diet.

•    Haiti Medical mission trip April 11-21 with additional projects at the farm and orphanage.

•    Deliver additional donated freeze-dried food for the El Faro mission and Bible School in San Ignacio, Baja Sur, Mexico.

•    Raise support and recruit teams for 2019 follow-up missions to the Casa de Fe orphanage in Shell, Ecuador and the Kerala Mission in India.

Thank you for all your support!  Keep up the prayer!  Where is YOUR mission?

Team Members:

Greg Hite - Missions Director