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The Administrative Team is here to serve in every way we can, we want to see the gospel of Jesus reach our entire valley. Don’t hesitate to contact any one of us, we are excited to get you connected and serving in any capacity.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Jeremiah 29:11

Campus Update

2018 was a year of beginnings.  We are confident 2019 will be a year of completions for big campus projects!

  • The Youth and Foodbank building saw some setbacks and delays, but we are now looking forward to construction in early 2019.

  • Our community sports field saw the installation of a robust commercial sprinkler system thanks to volunteers and donations. The completion is slated for spring 2019.

  • A long-awaited mop station was completed in 2018!

  • We repaired, maintenanced, cleaned out, and painted to keep our meeting place fresh and functioning. 

Major Fiscal Goals 2018

  • ECFA, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability trumps all goals as we seek to bring the highest standards to our organization through integrity in our operations.

  • The de-churched culture exists.  Statistics show that church attendance globally is declining in the younger generations.  We serve a God that does not answer to statistics.  Our goal is to bring the gospel of Jesus to our valley.  We do this through each and every believer and their circle of influence. 

  • Teach every attender Financial Integrity through 3 basic principles: Give first, Save second, and Spend last.

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2018 in FH Kids was amazing! We experienced a lot of change, including me, Kate Wilson! I started this year as the Kid's Director. We also brought on a new kid’s administrator, Candace McCormick, and a new preschool coordinator, Valerye Langon. 

This year FH Kids started incorporating worship for all ages, at all the services. It has been incredible to watch the children connect and worship Jesus at their age appropriate levels. We have re-written our policies and procedures to ensure all of our kids are safe, everyone is on the same page, and volunteers know what is expected of them. 

We had a very successful Easter Fest, this was the first big event I was able to be a part of, I’m so glad it set the tone for what was to come. We also had a very successful Harvest Fest. Both events provided us great opportunities to love and reach our community. I believe next year will be even better!!

Our dreams this year are to see FH Kids grow in numbers and knowledge. We want to see a lasting impact on our kids. We want to see them not only meet with Jesus themselves, but also be so excited about Jesus that they bring their friends to church. We believe the more kids the merrier.

In addition to that dream, we would like to see our volunteer base grow. We believe FH Kid’s is the best place to serve on a Sunday morning. We want everyone to be a part of the party we have going on in the back of the church. In order for us to grow, we need to up the number of volunteers we currently have. When kids come into Foothills we want to be ready and waiting for them with a full team! The team we have now is so wonderful and so faithful, we just need to multiply them. 

Another dream is to reach our community. We have a huge heart for refugee kids and we would like to reach out and love them just as Jesus loves everyone. We would like our Kid’s ministry to be a welcoming, safe, and loving place for all kids and all families.

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This past year has been one of change and excitement especially as we pray, plan, and look ahead for what God has in our Student Ministry. Over the past year we have seen many of our Middle School Ministry students experience growth in their relationship with Jesus. It is a time where faith is becoming extremely personal for them, and many have made commitments to follow Jesus whole heartedly. 

We have also had the opportunity to baptize some students as they take that next step in publicly declaring their lives belong to Christ. We have also seen upwards of 80+ middle school students come through our doors and experience this amazing community. 

In our High School Ministry, we have had small groups running throughout the year; but as we are continuing to say...we are NOT DONE YET! We have some BIG hopes and dreams in regards to our HSM. We plan to be more involved on high school campuses- inviting students, and simply building relationships as we model what it looks like to follow Christ and live in community. We are so excited for what the future has in store, as we know and believe God has some major things ahead. So, we will continue to seek, pray, and follow as we know that God is NOT DONE YET!

Brent Oglesby

FH Student Director

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Every week Foothills Creative is responsible for crafting design, film, and environmental experiences to complete the mission of our church. Here are some of our accomplishments in 2018:

  • Created 16 films

  • Created hundreds of graphics for worship experiences and ministries

  • Designed a new logo and brand for Foothills

  • Hosted the Engaged Worship Conference

  • Started an exclusively creative small group

In 2019 we hope to serve our community better with our talents and create compelling experiences for those that walk through our doors.

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Weekend Experience: We have been planning and bringing very exciting and compelling weekend experiences this year. Our mission in FH Music is that we believe “the songs we sing affect the lives we live”. Every element of our services (songs and creative) are chosen with a purpose to help form our congregation’s lives through the gospel...with music.

FH Music: Foothills Music released 2 worship singles this year “Calvary” and “Holy Mountain”. We are seeing more people want to get involved in the songwriting culture of Foothills and are planning for 2019 release dates and projects. We have also put plans together for an in-house writing room and studio space for recording and releasing new songs!

Production: We have been getting our production ready for a strong launch into new territory for the 2019 year. New equipment, fresh volunteers, and a new volunteer coordinator is on the way.  We are looking forward to the further development of this team and what it will be capable of doing and contributing to our weekend experience. 

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2018 Hi-lights

  1. 51 active groups (up 11 from last year)

  2. 355 group members (up 47 from last year)

  3. 48 group leaders and/or co-leaders

2018 Group Leader Survey Responses

  • 79% say they would recommend leading a group to a friend

  • 79% say they have an excellent or very good experience leading a group

  • 93% say they have grown spiritually as a result of leading a small group

2018 Group Member Survey Responses

  • 91% of people grew spiritually as a result of being in a small group

  • 97% pray daily

  • 82% attend church weekly

“My wife's brother and his wife have been dedicated church attendees for years and have never been in a group... this has been their first experience and it has given them authentic Christian friends and relationships... they recently decided to become full time members of Foothills because of involvement in a group...” One story of several.

“Life change in wellness, fitness, and mobility!!! Which leads naturally to spiritual growth in most cases.

“In just a few weeks it has been neat to see a lady who has been a bit lonely connect and start to make some friends in our church community.”

“The group is still new, but we are all sharing and learning from one another's experiences and perspective.”

“Many members have displayed an appreciation for helping others, and have outwardly shown an impact by seeing those we help grow.”

“We are frequently stopped by former students telling us about their progress and the changes it has made for them.”

“It’s amazing the blessings of healing and friendships made.”

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I am truly blessed, honored, thankful, and humbled to work with an amazing team of Pastors, leaders, elders, dedicated volunteers, and last but not least, our entire church family. Each one of you plays a very important role in reaching our community and being the light, hands, and feet of Jesus. I thank you ALL from the depths of my heart. I ask that everyone continue to pray for new opportunities to reach people in our community and that we learn to share the gospel in ways that our culture can understand.

Mission of Foothills Outreach Team: To carry the gospel of God’s hope, love, and compassion to our community.

Food Pantry:

Our food pantry has brought in over 223,000 lbs. of food this year. 

Between our community, a local mission team of over 150, our satellite pantry in Nyssa, OR, and our local homeless shelters, we fed over 42,000 people in 2018.

Clothing Ministry:

Our clothing boutique has provided coats, hats, shoes, and clothing to hundreds of families as well as the homeless.

Foster Relief:

Our Foster Family Respite provides a 4-hour break for foster families on a monthly basis,

this allows parents to have free time or run errands. 

We have also incorporated our foster family program to 3 new churches in Nampa and Caldwell this year.


Our Benevolence has provided relief and support for many hard-working families struggling to make ends meet. We have fixed cars, purchased tires, paid utilities, helped with rent, provided gas, purchased school clothes, school supplies, and back packs.

Meals Ministry:

Our amazing meals team has cooked and baked so many yummy homemade meals    

throughout the year for funerals and many families in need of a little extra.


Our Thanksgiving Dinner is provided every year. For six years on Thanksgiving Day we have opened up our church to those in our community that may have no other place to feel the love and connection desired on a holiday. This includes a full course Thanksgiving meal served by our wonderful volunteers.

Divorce Care:

Our divorce care course provides love, hope, compassion, prayers, and biblical guidance for many in the Treasure Valley that experience the pain and struggles of divorce.

Homeless Outreach:

Our homeless outreach is growing because the need of the homeless in Boise is so great.

This is not just meeting physical needs, but also spiritual, we are responsible to spread God’s hope and promises to the people who need it the most.

We provide food and clothing, but most importantly, interaction and prayers.

Prison Ministry:

Our Prison Ministry kicked off in 2018 when we felt a calling to partner with Mountain View Church of the Brethren. This awesome ministry is dedicated to help give the hope, forgiveness, and grace of Jesus to many that have been incarcerated.

Toy Drive:

Christmas is our favorite time of year!!!!!

Our toy drive supplies needy and foster children with presents for Christmas. This year we helped over 100 families with their Christmas wishes! 

The joys of giving come in so many ways. Your gifts bring immeasurable happiness and smiles. Foothills Outreach provides financially, physically, and spiritually for many people. You have such a huge impact on so many areas in our community.

I personally thank each and every one of you for your generosity!


Cynthia Janoushek

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