Faith and Science – Week 2



  • Last week we defined and disproved the conflict theory (God and science DO mix). This week Pastor Doug posed the question, “Why is conflict theory still propagated?”
    • What do you think?
    • How do we combat this?


Going deeper:

Open to first 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

  • This section defines Jesus and his death/resurrection as the ultimate wisdom.
    • Why is it important to have Jesus define wisdom?
  • What are the dangers of science without God?
  • What are the dangers of religiosity without reason?
  • Pastor Doug demonstrated on Sunday that science without God and “religious superstition” rely on “you.”
    • How does science without God rely on you? Why does it fall short? What are the results?
    • How does religious superstition rely on you? Why does it fall short? What are the results?
  • What confidence can you draw from verse 25?
    • Why is this so important to realize and submit to?


Read Romans 12:1-2

  • Paul notes in this section that faith transforms both your actions and your thoughts.
    • Can your actions be truly transformed without a renewing of your mind or vice versa?
    • What does this look like for those who follow Jesus?



  • What steps will you take this week to let Christ transform your actions and thoughts?
  • Spend time as a group praying for specific institutions and people that propagate wisdom without God.
  • Pray that the church wouldn’t rely on itself or religious superstition.
  • Pray that God would transform your minds and actions.
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