Faith and Science – Week 3


  • Start this week by sharing some of the marvels you see in God’s design and discussing how science supports intelligent design.


Going deeper:

Pastor Doug has really been going after the idea that faith and science don’t mix. He’s demonstrated that this notion isn’t true and has been trying to prepare people to have these conversations with a world denies the power and existence of God. This all boils down to the question: Do you believe in creation and purpose, or do you believe in cosmic accidents and nothing? People have to wrestle with this question, and the reality is that creation calls for a creator, and science points to that.

  • How are you processing this series?
  • Has it motivated you?
  • Have you seen this struggle taking place in the lives of those around you?
    • Have you stepped in to provide direction?
      • Are you prepared to?


Read Colossians 1:15-17

This passage points out two important things: creation is through God and for God. He is both Creator and Controller. It’s a nice thought to think that we all have purpose, that our life has meaning; that’s not really the problem. The problem we seem to have is that someone else (God) is in control of that purpose, that we were created for HIM. We want to be in control, so it’s easier to just reject that God exists because if God exists and made us, we have to respond to that. The first sin that humanity fell into was wanting to be its own God (Genesis 3:5), and it’s been the problem ever since. Every person has to grapple with his/her relationship with God, and that relationship is that God is God… and you are not.

  • Discuss why this is so hard for people to accept.
  • What are the ramifications of our belief?


Read 2 Timothy 3:1-9

The purpose of using this passage isn’t to discuss end-time theology. After all, the question really isn’t: “When is Jesus coming back?” The question is, “Are you ready for Jesus to come back?” I want to draw people’s attention to verse 5 because it’s the danger we face when we only accept half of Colossians. We have to accept both the “through” and the “for.” As people of faith, we can’t say we believe God exists without demonstrating it with our life. If our life has divine purpose, that is some serious power; it means that the sovereign hand of the Almighty God is working though us to accomplish something in our life. We have to respond to that.

  • Do you act religious but deny the power of God?



  • The church has to stand for this truth; it has to share the truth and the good news about Jesus.
    • How are you going to stand for truth this week?
    • Who can you share the good news with?
      • Will you hold each other accountable?
  • Pray protection and conviction over one another’s faith and lives.
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