• Share a time in your life when things didn’t make sense
    • Who/What provided the clarity you needed?

Going deeper:

This week Pastor Doug outlined a couple contextual insights for this new series from 1 John. The book is written to believers who were being enticed by a false doctrine. The false doctrine came from a group who was formerly in the church but had chosen to define truth and meaning for themselves. They believed that flesh was inherently evil, so God and Spirit were completely separate from the physical world. Because this world and their flesh were evil, they could live however they wanted in the physical realm since flesh and spirit were separate. This is clearly not a biblical principle. If a person claims to love Jesus, it influences every part of how he/she lives. So John was inspired to write this book to encourage believers to hold strongly to the truth of Jesus.

  • What are some things modern thinkers say about good and evil or about flesh and spirit?
    • How does this influence the way they live?
    • What is the result?

Read: 1 John 1:1-10

Verses 1-4 describe the eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life.

  • Why was this important for refuting the false doctrine of flesh apart from spirit?
  • Why is the incarnate Christ important for our faith today?
    • How does it affect our identity as people on earth?
    • Does it encourage/inspire you to know Christ walked in the flesh?

Verses 5-7 talk about the relationship between God and darkness. (There is no relationship.)

  • What does this mean for the life of Jesus?
  • What should this mean for our life?
    • How, practically, can your life reflect Jesus’?

Verses 8-10 tell the audience to take ownership of their actions.

  • Why is acknowledging sin important?
    • To John’s audience and to us
  • How does confession of sins influence our lives?
    • Is confession or acknowledgement of sins part of your life?
  • How does Jesus help us in this process?

Pastor Doug emphasized that a life without Christ will not make sense. Our relationship with Jesus is one based on dire, also joyous, dependency. We need Jesus to free us from our sins. We need to know we were created for a purpose and that we are dearly loved. Any life aside from this might feel “good,” but it won’t feel right. Our time on earth and our relationship with Christ are inextricably linked. If we choose to ignore that, our lives will be nonsense.

  • How does this message hit you?


  • Be reminded today of your great need for Christ.
  • Thank him for his forgiveness and pray that he would strengthen you to live the life he has called you to.
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