• What are some of the ways the world depicts fathers? (movies, conversations, politics)

Going deeper

Pastor Doug used the message of 1 John 5 to demonstrate the importance of godly men as fathers. The message can, of course, extend to anyone; we all need an understanding of Jesus Christ. Jesus makes sense of our life, gives it purpose and confidence. These principles give people the strength to overcome the difficulties of life and give hope for our future despite struggles. Without Christ, things will fall apart. Victory comes through faith. Doug emphasized this message for men and families. If men ignore the call of God in their lives, then families and relationships will fall apart, and if the world ignores the role of a father in a family, things will fall apart. God’s design was intentional and provides the clarity and purpose for our lives.

Read 1 John chapter 5

Verses 1-5 remind us of Jesus’ victory over the world and remind us that the same victory is available to those who believe in Christ. Those who are victorious will be apparent to all through the way they live.

  • How does someone claim the victory of Christ?
  • How do we know someone has claimed and been changed by Christ’s victory?
  • What does this practically look like for people? (Family, work, hobbies)
  • How does Christ’s victory produce confidence for the way we live?

Verses 6-12 tell us that Christ was affirmed as the bringer of life for all humanity. He was affirmed by his blood, baptism and the Spirit’s presence. Those who don’t accept this reality are spiritually dead, and their life will result in death.

  • How does Christ’s sacrifice make us alive?
  • How does a rejection of Christ lead to death?
  • Does your blood affirm Christ’s presence in your life (life actions)?
  • Does your water affirm Christ’s presence in your life (spiritual participation)?
  • Is God’s Spirit manifested in your life? Do you bear fruit?

Verses 13-21 tell us that we can have confidence in our salvation through the power of Christ. This confidence should drastically change the way we live, giving us clarity and strength to avoid godless things and pursue God’s will instead.

  • Does your confidence in Christ help you avoid sin?
  • If it doesn’t, what does that say about your confidence in Christ?
  • Does your confidence in Christ affect the way you pray? Worship? Talk? Live?
  • Does your confidence in Christ give you clarity for your life?


  • Pray that your relationships would be rooted in the confidence of Christ.
  • Pray that God would give you the courage to share your confidence with others.
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