Who do I need to be?

In our family, we have rules for our kids when they get cell phones, especially the first couple of years. Plug in the phone to charge in our room at night, limited texting, limited data, etc. When a rule is broken, the phone goes back to me for a period of time, anywhere from a day or two. My goal isn’t punishment; I want to help our kids use a phone safely and responsibly.

But this blog isn’t about cell phone rules.

Our youngest son Jake got his first cell phone this summer, right before he is entering junior high. He is learning the rules and doing a pretty good job. Two weeks go, he broke one of the rules and had forgotten to bring the phone to my room on time. This is an important rule to us because staying up late watching videos on a cell phone or texting is not a healthy habit for a teen. 

But this blog isn’t about cell phone rules.

Normally, I would have kept his phone through the next day as a consequence. Normally, I would have explained that he wasn’t in trouble, but that having the privilege of a cell phone comes with using it wisely. But…I was busy. But…I had my day all planned and Jake having a cell phone was important to me because I wanted to get ahold of him. So…I told him not to forget next time and let it go. 

This blog is about me.

You may be thinking we are too strict, or not strict enough. You may be wondering what the big deal is about letting the rule go one time. You may be right. But, the next day I was really bothered, and couldn’t figure out why. Then, it hit me…hard. I had been thinking about my day and my schedule. I missed a teachable moment and weakened our rules. Instead of thinking about Jake, I thought about me. Later that day, I took some time to ask God to help me be the mom that Jake needs. His needs are different now than they were two years ago, and I want to be there to help him grow into an awesome young man.

This blog is about all of us.

We all have situations and relationships that change, and at times, we need to change as well. In all ways and on all days He will help us be the person we need to be.