Change of Scenery

I’ve never been one who craves routine but raising four kids requires it. Doing the same thing day in and day out has never been appealing to me, however running a small business often demands it. Fortunately, this summer I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit. Maybe not “travel” the way some of you are thinking. No European countries were visited. But, I have had the chance to “get out of town” quite a bit. I’ve worked really hard, however I have played even harder. As the summer comes to an end, I realize “change of scenery” is a necessity. 

Our demanding lives require a razor like focus, yet most of us feel distracted. Our schedules and the people around us want more, need more, and expect more than we are capable of giving. These expectations often lead to us to hyper focus on tasks that must be accomplished. That hyper focus demands our attention and we find ourselves so wrapped up in our day to day life that we go through life with blinders on, oblivious to what’s going on around us. 
This is where a “change of scenery” does us some good. Anything that is “away” from our routine. Away from demands and expectations of everyday life. God created a breathtaking world for us to explore, to enjoy, and to soak up! He didn’t create us to wallow in familiarity or to be swallowed up by routine and expectations. 

For some people this change of scenery may be Italy. Go. See. Explore. For others, it may be a two-hour drive north to the mountains. Go. See. Enjoy. Maybe your “change of scenery” is getting outside for a walk. Go. See. Walk. Maybe you need to appreciate everything in life you DO have. Maybe you need to see where God wants to lead you. Maybe you just need to rest.

Wherever it may be, God wants to meet you there. He has something to show you. He has something to tell you. He has an experience he wants you to have away from your routine. God always shows up in least likely places. 

Go. See. Explore. Enjoy. Walk. Rest. Meet with God in your “change of scenery”.

Jodi Diffey