Foothills Teams are how we organize all the different serving opportunities in our church.


Front Line

This is our Administrative team here at Foothills. There are several responsibilities that support our overall mission to reach people for Jesus. We have a team of dedicated staff and volunteers that consistently support our administrative structure. This includes reception and front office, building and grounds maintenance and repair, coordinating all facilities usage and events, managing the coffee bar and complimentary coffee, printing and copying, counseling services with our volunteer counselors, safety and security, IT Management, and finally, finance and accounting.


Our connection team champions the Monday through Saturday life of our community! They are anything from small group leaders to class teachers.


Because the future of God’s church will be carried by our children, the vision of Kids Kingdom is to see Foothills families who are wholly committed to Christ making a significant impact in the Treasure Valley. Our mission is to provide teaching that will develop children and families into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. To find out more about Kids Kingdom click here.


Just as the church used to use stained glass to communicate the Gospel our Creative team is here to spread the Gospel using whatever lights, sounds, and arts we can get a hold of. We are a unique creative community passionately pursuing God and His people. Visit the creative page here.


The mission of Foothills Outreach is to bring love, hope, and compassion as well as share the Love of Jesus with our community through meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our outreach has many areas in which we reach out to the multiple needs in our community. To find more out about outreach click here.

@ FH_students

@FH_Students is our student ministry at Foothills. For more info click here.


Foothills is proud to be serving in missions around the world! To find out more about missions at Foothills click here