The Gift - Week 2

The Gift - Week 2

The Parable of the Talents


  • Share about a time in your life when God used your unique gifts and abilities to make a difference in someone else’s life.


Read Matthew 35:14-30

  • What is the main theme or the central point of this parable?

  • What is new or surprising for you from these passages?

  • Read verse 19: What is Jesus teaching us in this verse?

    • Why do you think people waste the “talents” they have been given?

The first two servants were not rewarded according to who had the most significant talents, rather it was their faithfulness with what they had been given.

    • What does this teach us about how we are created?

    • Why do we tend to get in the way of who God has created us to be?

    • Why do so many of us waste the talents we have been given?

  • According to this week's sermon, what must be done in order to become the you you were meant to be?


  • How does the parable of the talent apply to the you you are meant to be?

  • What is common among each of the stories in these verses?

    • What does this tell us about the kingdom of God?

  • What was the problem with the wicked servant?

    • What does this tell us about being held accountable at the end of our life?


  • How do you plan to give of yourself this week?

Dayna Mitchell