Week 5

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Discussion Questions


Opening Question:

What are you the “master” of in your family? For example, revisit what Doug said about roles we play within the family. Doug is obviously the “Grill Master”

  • This question is about the thing you offer your family, the thing you are the expert at.

  • What does your family look only to you for?


Understand Culture:

“Masculinity, at its core, is protective of that which is weaker. It is gentlemanly behavior.”

  • Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or Why not?

  • What about culture makes it difficult for men to walk in the ways God has called them?

  • What examples do you do you find of negative ways men/fathers are depicted?

    • Recall Doug’s example of media.

  • Is husband and father still the greatest call for every man?

    • Do you believe it should be? Why/why not?


Understand Scripture:

Read aloud Ephesians 3: 14-19

  • What is required to be filled with the fullness of God?

    • How does this relate to being a good dad (or mom, son, daughter, sister, etc.)?

  • Watch the illustration of the Dad ballerina

    • How was this dad grounded in Love?

  • Where does strength come from in regards to being a good Dad (or mom, son, daughter, sister, etc.)?

    • How is it obtained?

    • What does it look like?


Read aloud Genesis 3: 17-18

  • What does it look like to take responsibility in our relationships?

    • Specifically for dads?

  • What needs to happen in order to take responsibility in a way that honors God?



What specific ways will you kneel before the Father this week?

How do you plan on taking responsibility in a specific relationship?

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