Week 2

Heroes - Week 2

Discussion Questions


Origin stories are some of my favorite. When a person discovers they have a super power. Struggling thru social rejection, not being accepted, difficulty finding true friends and then suddenly, it all makes sense.


Life was so confusing and hard because they did not know they had a superpower.

    • Batman loses his parents.

    • Wolverine has no memory of his life.

    • Flash saw his mother die and his father blamed for it.

    • Superman’s planet blew up and killed his family.

    • Captain America was bullied beyond belief and declared 4F. Then turned into a sideshow

    • Iron man captured by terrorists because his own partner was trying to kill him.

    • Spiderman a nerdy teen and social reject whose parents are gone and he was raised by his grandma.

When they discovered their super power….. life made sense, they had a purpose.

You are the hero in God’s Kingdom. Today: Jesus says you have a superpower.


Opening Question:

  • What is your origin story?

  • Are you aware that you have a superpower?

  • Do you think that maybe you have one but you don’t know what it is?


Understand Culture:

  • What is it about our culture that tries to diminish our superpower?

  • Describe your definition of neighbor.

  • Give an example of a time or situation that makes it easy to justify a lack of love for your neighbor.


Understand Scripture:

Read Luke 10:25-37

Loving your neighbor as yourself, shows how strong your super power can be.


  • Why are Jesus’ words counter culture for His time?

  • How can loving Jesus first keep you on track?

  • What are ways you practice loving your neighbor?



How do you plan to love your neighbor this week?

Dayna Mitchell