For The One - Week 1

The One - Week 1: The Heart of Jesus

Big Idea: Discover your heart for the lost and do something about it.

Opening Questions:

  1. Share an experience that was really important to you in 6th grade.

  2. Have you ever really been lost? What happened?


Mark 2:1-12, John 15:1-7, Luke 19:10 & John 10:10

In The Word:

  1. If you were one of the people in the crowd in Mark 2:1-4, what would you be thinking?

  2. Why do you think forgiveness and healing go together in Mark 2:5?

  3. What stands out to you most in the whole story from Mark 2:1-12

  4. In what way does the story of the lost sheep in John 15:1-7 relate to today’s story of the paralyzed man?

  5. What are some ways that Luke 19:10 helps us see Jesus’ perspective in the story?

Making It Personal:

  1. Share about a time when someone invited you to an event or to be part of something. How did that make you feel? How did you respond?

  2. In the story of the lost sheep, what does it teach you about “lost people”? How can you be more aware of lost people around you?

  3. What are some fears or barriers in your own life that keep you from inviting or sharing your story?

Who will you commit to invite to church this week?

Share their name with the group.

Dayna Mitchell