Vision Week

Vision Week

Discuss the following passages:

John 14:6 (1-25)

  • Who is Jesus talking to?

  • When did he say this?

  • How does Jesus tell the disciples they can determine who the true believers are?

  • Can we apply this same test to ourselves?

2 Tim 3_16-17

  • Who is speaking?

  • Who is he talking to?

  • What reasons does the author give for believing his teachings? Is this still a valid test today?

Rom 1:16

  • How can we be accused of being ashamed of the Gospel?

Phil 3:13-14

  • What prize is the author striving for?

  • What does this prize cost? (Vs 8)

Luke 13:16

  • In the parable if Luke 13, who is the rich man?

  • Who is the master?

  • What does the master taking away the account symbolize?

  • What is the end goal we are to cheat the master for?

Ephesians 4:1-3

  • What comprises a “worthy walk”?

  • What 2 groups would have been most likely to treat each other unkindly when this letter was written?  (Who was the writer talking to)

  • Are there groups within the church today that might have the same types of disagreements or splits that are addressed in this letter? Have you seem evidence of this?


What is the vision for your group? In what ways do you hope to grow in 2019? What steps are required to reach your goals?

Dayna Mitchell