The Time of Your Life - Week 1

The Time of Your Life - Week 1

Ice Breaker:

  • What is one goal you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?

  • Share a time that you gave of your time, talent, or tithe. It could be big or little, how did you feel about yourself?

Group Discussion:

Read Matthew 6:19-33

This week Pastor Doug talked about the principle of first and how it relates to our spiritual attitude.

  • What does your spiritual attitude reflect, optimism or pessimism? What are you optimistic or pessimistic about?

  • What does Jesus mean in vs.20-21?

  • How does our pursuit of material vs. spiritual things influence our spiritual attitude?

  • What do our eyes represent (vs.23)?

  • What is Jesus mean when He talks about darkness and light (vs.23)?

  • What does it mean to serve money as a master? What other masters do we serve? (vs.24)

  • What are the links between treasure and heart? heart and eye? eye and body? Money and master?

    • How do these ideas feed our attitudes?

  • Why does Jesus shift from preaching about serving money as a master, to worry?

    • How do they relate?

  • What do verses 25-26 teach us about God?


  • How many times will you commit to reading this passage this week?

  • How can Jesus help you accomplish your lifetime goal?

Dayna Mitchell