For The One - Week 4

For The One - Week 4: The Heart of the House

Big Idea: Jesus wants us to prepare the right environment.

Opening Questions:

  1. What makes where you live feel like home?

  2. If you could be a house, describe what you would like to be like.


Mark 2:1-11, Luke 18:15-17, Luke 14:1-6, Luke 7:26-43, Luke 19:5-9, & Mark 2:15-17

In The Word:

  1. Explain the possible challenges the friends faced in Mark 2:1-5 getting their friend to Jesus both before and after he was healed.

  2. Tell why you think the people were comfortable or uncomfortable coming to Jesus in the verses listed above.

  3. It seems most of the time when Jesus connects with people He is out in public or in someone’s home. What does this mean to you?

  4. Put yourself in the place of the people crowded into the house for a “church service”. Describe your reaction to the roof being opened up and a sick man being lowered in front of “the pastor.”

Making It Personal:

  1. How can we foster an environment to help others connect with Jesus in our homes and church?

  2. Name some ways to make our lives more open to helping others step toward God.

  3. Are there attitudes or actions you have learned about Jesus that help people feel more comfortable that you would like in your life?

  4. What in your life needs remodeling to allow others to see Jesus?

Next Steps:


I want my life rhythm in this area to reflect my heart for people who are far from God. As we begin this new season, help me to stay focused on praying and connecting with “the one” in my life and on the places where I go to connect with them.

WHO IS YOUR ONE? (make a list of the people in your life.)

WHERE ARE YOU GOING? (make a list of the places you go.)

Dayna Mitchell