Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Special

Getting to Know You:

  • What influence has your Mother played in your life?

Digging Deeper:

Read aloud Proverbs 31: 10-20

  • What attributes from these passages remind you of your mom, grandmother, wife, or other mother figures in your life?

Pastor Doug and Kim focused on 5 values for their family, Faith, Finances, Hard work, Family dinner, and Fun

  • What stood out to you most from this list?

  • What are values you have held to in your own family?

  • What are values handed down to you from your family of origin?

  • Give an example of ways you have seen a Mother figure reflect the attributes of God?

Digging Deeper:

  • Based on what we have learned, what is our responsibility toward the wives and mothers in our lives?

What will you do this week as a result?

Dayna Mitchell