Summit - Week 1

Summit week 1: Love the Climb

Christ constantly leads us through new stages and challenges in life. There may be a time we reach a summit, but there’s always another one to look up to, and climb. 

My Story:

  • What has been the biggest summit of your life? The biggest accomplishment or victory you had to strive for?

Digging Deeper:

Simon (Peter) was a successful fisherman. Before he met Jesus he had essentially reached the top of his summit. He was doing well. His business was doing well. He was strong in his Jewish faith. Yet, when he met Jesus everything changed. He began a new climb. Let’s examine a few of the summits Peter faced.

Read aloud Luke 5: 1-11: Simon chooses to follow Jesus

  • What do you think compelled him to trust, follow Jesus, and begin a new climb?

  • How did Simon react to Jesus’ miracle?

  • What does it mean to be a fisher of men?

  • How did this impact Simons life purpose?

Read aloud Matthew 16:13-20: Peter declares Jesus is the Messiah

  • Why is Peter’s response such a big deal (v.16)?

  • What were the cultural implications of his response?

  • Why did Jesus give Peter a new name (v.18)?

In verse 18 Jesus says to Peter, “and on this rock (Peter = Petra = Rock) I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

  • What stands out to you about this verse?

  • What is Jesus saying in verse 19?

  • What is the meaning of “binding” and “Loosing?”


Read aloud Luke 22:54-62: Peter denies Jesus

  • How did Peter get from the point where Jesus names him the rock the church will be built on, to denying Jesus three times?

  • Describe a time when your life has gotten off track. 

    • What had to happen in order for you to get up and keep climbing?

Read aloud Acts 2:14-41: Peter preaches the gospel and becomes the leader of the Apostles

  • In what way did witnessing Jesus’ death and resurrection bring focus to Peter’s ministry?

Acts 10: 9-48: Peter has a vision from God.

  • What is significant about this story?

  • What was limiting about the gospel up to this point?

  • Why was this the ultimate summit that changed the course of human history?

Taking it Home:

Peter’s story describes multiple summits. The same is true for you and me. We are constantly called to a new summit. Each one looks different and has its own set of challenges and rewards.

This week, ask God what your summit is. Ask Him what He is calling you to. Share with your group next week.

Dayna Mitchell