Summit - Week 2

Summit week 2: Know Your Equipment

Bottom Line: If you’re going to climb, it’s critical to know your equipment and use it properly

Review: Jesus is always calling us to a new summit, another mountain (situation) to climb (overcome). Since we were created to climb, it’s best we learn how to enjoy it.

We examined Peter’s various summits. From denying Christ three times, to becoming the rock the church was built on, and opening the church to the Gentiles.

My Story:

  • Tell about one of your passions that requires specific equipment.

Digging Deeper:

This week is about examining the gear God gives us to climb the summit with Him, with confidence.

Read aloud Philippians 4:6-7

  • What is the number one piece of equipment God gives us for our climb?

  • What is the difference between prayer and supplication or petition?

  • Why does giving thanks matter?

  • List the aspects of God’s peace

Zac shared about his process of prayer for God’s direction in what college to attend. He continued to ask God, “what college should I attend?” God didn’t answer. He realized he was praying the wrong prayer. He discovered that his peace came not from the answer, but from trusting God would bring the best for him regardless of what school he attended.

  • Share an answer to prayer that has impacted your life, whether it was a “yes”, “no” , or a “not yet” answer.

Read aloud Ephesians 4:32

Another important piece of equipment God gives us is forgiveness. First, His forgiveness for our sins so we don’t have to climb with the weight of shame pulling us down. But also, He calls us to forgive, to let go of the things we hold on to. Holding on to things creates in us a cold heart. When our hearts are cold and hard, we can’t focus on the climb. 

  • Why does God ask us to be kind and compassionate?

  • How can we use these as tools for the climb?

  • What does it look like to forgive as Christ has forgiven us?

  • Name other tools God has given us for our climb.


Examine your gear. Take a moment to be proud of what you have mastered. 

  • But also, ask God to show you where you need to grow. Don’t answer quickly. Take it to prayer. Take it to your journal this week. Ask, Wait, and Listen for what God presses upon your heart. Share next week.

Dayna Mitchell