Foothills has seven different teams for you to make an impact in! Check out these short descriptions and possible areas of impact then fill out the form at the bottom of this page to join a team or gather more info.


Because the future of God’s church will be carried by our children, the vision of Foothills Kids is to see Foothills families who are wholly committed to Christ making a significant impact in the Treasure Valley. Our mission is to provide teaching that will develop children and families into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. To find out more about Foothills Kids click here.

Positions: Teacher, Worship Leader, & Check-In


STDNTS is our student ministry at Foothills. We’re relentless in creating an environment for students to explore their faith in Jesus. For more info click here.

Positions: High School Leader, Middle School Leader, Worship Leader, & Production Help


Just as the church used to use stained glass to communicate the Gospel our Creative team is here to spread the Gospel using whatever lights, sounds, and arts we can get a hold of. Visit the creative page here.

Positions: Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Web Designer, Social Media Manager, Writer & more


Foothills Music drives the heart of our church by both collecting and writing song that stir our affections toward the Lord. Our production teams make those songs and moments come alive with the use of technology. Listen to Foothills Music on Apple Music and Spotify or check out their page by clicking here.

Positions: Worship Leader, Musician, Vocalist, Camera Operator, Lighting Operator, Graphics Operator, Audio Engineer, Video Director, & Stage Hand


The Front Line team handles the first interactions that people have with Foothills. Whether it’s at the doors on a Sunday or during the week in the office Front Line is all in the name being on the front lines of our church community.

Positions: Greeter, Office Assistant, Worship Experience Usher, Security Team, & Medical Team


Our connection team champions the Monday through Saturday life of our community! They are the leaders of our Foothills Groups and various classes throughout the week.

Positions: Group Leader


The mission of Foothills Outreach is to bring love, hope, and compassion as well as share the Love of Jesus with our community through meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our outreach has many areas in which we reach out to the multiple needs in our community. To find more out about outreach and missions click here.

Positions: Food Pantry, Missionary, Foster Care, and much more!


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