Christ Birthday Offering

Christmas at Foothills is a special time of the year. The music, the messages, Christmas Eve services, the toy drive, and much more. Our mission drives us to consistently present the gospel message of Jesus and be the best church we can be for our community and the world.

Each year, in honor of the Birth of Jesus, we have a special focus of giving that goes beyond our regular habit of generosity. It is designed to make a specific and immediate impact.

Increased Building Costs

We originally raised $300,000 for the new building. All of this money is set aside and being used for construction. However, ACHD and Garden City required changes and this added $75,000 to the total cost. $75,000

Capilla Calvario

A Latino Church, Capilla Calvario, was a church without a place to worship. We decided to host them at our main campus. They meet every Sunday afternoon from 2:30-6:00pm. They are now growing! Let’s give them $10,000 to say Jesus loves them and so do we. $10,000

Atrium Acoustical Treatment

The atrium is newly done and an awesome place to gather, it’s just loud! We want to warm it up by quieting it down. $12,500

International Missions

Case de Fe is an orphanage in Ecuador that serves children with special needs. A school in India we support needs computers. Haiti is suffering political unrest.  We can make a difference in each of these places! $25,000

Food Pantry Trailer

We wore out the last one, need a new one! $5,000

Parent Coaching

Our outreach to Headstart parents showed us a huge need for Parent Coaching to parents who can’t afford it. $5,000

Small Town Church

Last year we supported a small church in Garden Valley through a small group campaign and a church in Cascade. We want to support more churches in small towns who need encouragement. $15,000

Total Goal: $150,000!

Giving to Christ Birthday Offering begins December 22 and goes thru end of the year.
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