Christ Birthday Offering

Christmas at Foothills is a special time of the year. The music, the messages, Christmas Eve services, the toy drive, and much more. Our mission drives us to consistently present the gospel message of Jesus and be the best church we can be for our community and the world.

Each year, in honor of the Birth of Jesus, we have a special focus of giving that goes beyond our regular habit of generosity. It is designed to make a specific and immediate impact.

This year we have had a special donor step up and issues a challenge gift. This donor has agreed to match the total raised gifts during this campaign up to $100,000. So every donation you make will be doubled, doubling the impact you are able to make!

Total Goal: $300,000!

Giving to Christ Birthday Offering begins December 1 and goes thru end of the year.

Steps To Give

Step #1: Pray and seek the Lord about what you should do to be generous this season.

Step #2: Talk with your spouse and family about it.

Step #3: Decide how you would like to give.

Step #4: Give thanks for your blessings and the opportunity to bless others.

Ways to Give:

  • Online
    • Visit foothills.org/give
    • Mark Fund as: Christ Birthday Offering
  • Text
    • Text “Give” to 208-505-9111
  • App
    • Select the Give button in the FH App
    • Mark Fund as: Christ Birthday Offering
  • Stocks (A Great Tax Efficient Way to Give!!)
    • If you would like to make a donation of stocks, please contact Pastor Harv @ 208-853-0011
    • Learn more about how stocks are so tax efficient

Last Year’s Christ Birthday Offering

  • Invested in families:

    • Established a partnership with Ambrose to open up a new school for 75 students.
    • Paid for home schooling pods to meet in the facility.
    • Invested in Marriage enrichment counseling.
    • Paid for parent coaching for 100+’s families.
    • Added Children’s ministry staff to increase our ministry and support to families with young children.
  • Invested in our community:

    • Gave grants to Boise Bible College, Manhattan Christian College.
    • Expanded our food pantry and foster care ministry and purchase more equipment.
  • Invested in Missions:

    • Grants to expand the Haiti farm.
    • Grants to expand educating children in Haiti.
    • Support for an orphanage in Ecuador to children with disabilities. Case de Fe.
      Supporting Fellowship of Christian Athletes with sports ministries.
  • Invested in our campus:

    • Remodeled the children’s classrooms and nursery.
    • Updated the doors.
    • Invested in increased security to keep our children and students safe.
    • Fixed the electronic sign after someone crashed into it.
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