Church At Home

Different location, Same Church

To create your own Facebook watch party:
  1. From a video you’re watching, click Share at the bottom.
  2. Click Start a Watch Party.
  3. Click  Invite in the bottom left to invite people to your watch party. 
  4. Click Write something… on the right to chat with others who are in the watch party with you. 
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Want to find archived messages? You can find recent messages on our watch online page and on our YouTube channel

How Can I Prepare For Church At My House?

1. Make It Comfy

As much as feels comfortable during this time, invite neighbors, good friends and those all important faces from key places in your life! We may not be meeting at physical campuses, but we can still be God’s people gathered digitally. It may be easier to invite someone to view church online with you than to invite them to a church building. Use this opportunity to reach the people you have been praying for.

2. Set It Up

Setup your TV/device/computer to display one of our online service channels. Test it out and make sure it’s good to go!
Set aside a couple items for our time of communion together. It doesn’t have to be grape juice or crackers. This time is more about the meaning of communion and experience together. If there are graham crackers and some apple juice, consider it good!

3. Make It Matter

Church at Home is still YOU, the Church, worshipping GOD, the Creator, it just happens to be in a different environment. We will still sing praises, we will hear from God’s Word,
we will observe communion, and we will still practice our Habit of Generosity, and
God will be glorified!

When the service is over take time with your family to ask questions, point out things from the message that stuck out to you, and commit to practical action points.

Family Resources

As you gather with your family, we want to make sure your kids can have a great Church At Home experience as well! Below you’ll find links to family resources you and your kids can learn and worship together. We have videos, and guides with lessons you can read with your kids, full of scriptures and teachings for kids of different ages.

Now What?

Need help living like Jesus in the 21st Century? To live like Jesus you need to connect with him, make friends going in the same direction, and discover your mission and purpose in life. Even though we can’t meet in person, we can still help you take your next step.

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