RelationTips – Week 2


My story:


  • What is something unexpected that has changed about you in the last few years?


Going deeper: 

  • What is the most important part in developing a healthy relationship? 


  • Where do you go for relationship advice or counsel?



Read aloud 1 John 4:1-20

  • What is truly driving your relationships?
  • What messages does our culture tell us about relationships?
  • How do we have a faith that overcomes worldly principles so that we have strong, loving, abundant relationships?
  • Why is growth in our personal relationship with Jesus critical to the health of our relationships?
  • In what ways do you calibrate yourself? As in, what mechanisms do you use to self-reflect and examine your own heart? 
    • How often do you check yourself in your relationships with others?
    • What gets you off track?
    • How do you get back on track?




  • Report back from last week:
  • How did you act for the well being of another this past week?


  • How is God moving through you? How is He changing you as you relate to others and love them well?



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