RelationTips – Week 4


My story:


  • What makes you feel loved?



Going Deeper: 

Read aloud 1 John 4

This week is about making four investments in your marriage:


  • Spiritual (v.9)


      1. Why is it that the more your grow in your relationship with Jesus, the more you are able to have a healthy relationship with someone else?
      2. How can investing in your spiritual life transform your marriage?
        1. In what ways are you investing in your spiritual life?


  • Financial (v.12-13)


      1. Why is it that finances are the main thing married couples fight about?
      2. What impact do finances have on the health of the marriage?
      3. Explain the connection between finances and spiritual life.
      4. Read Matt. 6:33. Explain the principle of the first. How is this abiding in Jesus?
      5. What are the implications of the principle of the first on your marriage?


  • Emotional (v.7)


      1. Women and men need emotional support from their spouse. What are the differences between the two?
        1. In what ways do men need emotional support?
        2. In what ways do women need emotional support?
      2. How does our culture get it wrong?
      3. In what ways do you try to emotionally support you spouse?
      4. What could you do better this week?


  • Sexual
  • What is God’s vision for sex? What is its purpose? 
  • How has culture defiled it?
  • How do you intentionally build intimacy/connection in your marriage?




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