Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come (Week 1): The Battlefields

Mon November 6th

We are in a spiritual war between two kingdoms and that spills over into the physical world through all kinds of actions and tragedies but also victories. Learn more about how we can move the Kingdom of God forward here on earth.

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Foothills is a fun, energetic, laid back faith community. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take Jesus very seriously. We exist to coach people in becoming fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. To connect people to Jesus, connect people to his community and to connect people to their mission in life.
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Kingdom Come: When the Kingdom Grows, You Grow [Week 3]

Mon November 20th

In a world that has been ravaged by war except for 238 years of its existence, it seems like everyone is always trying to fight. How do we expand the kingdom when we are constantly fighting?

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