7 Rules for Life – Week 3


  • How do you know if a rule or a law is unjust?


Rule #1: Never forget your purpose

Rule #2: Don’t be conformed by the world 

Rule #3: Seek out people who will tell you the truth


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?


Read aloud Galatians 2: 11-21

Read aloud Acts 11:1-18

  • In light of this experience, how do you account for Peter’s actions here when he comes to Antioch?
  • How is the word “justified” commonly used today?
    • How does Paul use the term, as compared with his opponents (vv. 15-16)?
    • What is at stake here (see also Acts 13:38-39)?
  • What’s happening in verses 17-20: Is “justification by faith” a legal fiction?
    • An excuse to keep on sinning?
    • Or a new reality that leads us away from sin? Why?
  • In verse 21, how does Paul turn the tables on his rule keeping opponents?



  • What Christian brother or sister have you clashed with recently?
    • Over what personalities or issues?
    • How did you resolve things?
  • What difference would it make to you if Paul’s gospel was wrong, and you did have to earn your way to God by keeping with Jewish laws?
  • How will this reflection impact your relationship with Jesus this week?
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