A study of the book of James


  • What do you think of as “the good ole days” in your life?
    • Were they really that good?

Going deeper

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what was new information, challenged, or stood out to you?

Read James 5

  • What is James saying about wealth:
    • Is it sinful?
    • Is it illusory?
    • Hazardous to your health?
    • A burdensome responsibility?
    • A way to heaven?
    • A way to hell?
  • Who is James addressing as “rich people”:
    • Christian businessmen (as in 4:13-17)?
    • Secular landowners?
    • Today’s multi-national corporations?
  • Instead of retaliation or vengeance, what does James urge the poor to do?
    • Why?
  • What lessons are provided to the Christian by the farmer?
    • By the returning judge?
    • By the prophets?
    • By Job?
  • How does honesty without oath-taking (v.12) relate to perseverance without grumbling (vv.7-11) and to health through prayer (vv.13-18)?
  • What is the connection between the spiritual, emotional, physical, vocational, and relational areas in our lives?
    • Can you be sick or sinful in one area and completely whole in the others?
    • Why or why not?
  • How does the Body of Christ participate in the ministry of healing for one another?
  • If the prayer of a righteous person is so effective (v.16), why do more people go to the bartender than the church to confess their sins?
  • In faith healing, is there a right way to pray (see also 1:5-8 and 4:3)?
    • A right person to pray (prophet, saint, or “a man just like us”, vv.16-17)?
    • A right answer to such prayers (vv. 15-18; 4:15)?
    • Why or why not?


  • Have you ever gone through a period when you doubted God’s presence in the midst of hardship and suffering? Explain.
  • When have you come the closest to wandering from the faith?
    • How did it happen?
    • Who helped bring you back?
    • How would you go about helping someone else who has wandered from the faith?


  • Complete Step 5 of the Spiritual Growth Plan
  • Share about your spiritual growth plan and what you hope it will do for you to grow strong in heart and mind.
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