FH Strong – Week 6


  •      In 30 seconds or less, answer this question:  What does freedom mean to me?



    • John 16:33


  • First 3 Steps to be FH Strong


    • Step 1: Choose Courage
    • Step 2: Sharpen your Character
    • Step 3: Rely on God’s Power
    • Step 4: Focus your life on what really matters

Main Point:

  • Step 5: Choose to live a life of Biblically-based Freedom.


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?
  • What is Biblically-based Freedom?
  • What parallels do you see between Biblical freedom and freedom as it is expressed in our world?
  • How do you build Biblical Freedom into your life?


Read aloud Galatians 5:13-26

  • What was Paul’s concern regarding the freedom the Galatians had in Christ?
    • Compare this thought to what he says in verse one.
  • What does Paul tell them to do in verse thirteen?
  • What commandment fulfills the entire law?
  • What will keep us from carrying out “the desires of the flesh”?
  • In verse seventeen, what two things are in opposition to one another and what is the result?
  • According to verse eighteen, what should lead us as Christians and what is the result?
  • What is the first observation Paul makes about “the deeds of the flesh”?
  • What warning does Paul give regarding “the deeds of the flesh”?
  • What observation does Paul make about “the fruit of the spirit”?
  • What have “those who belong to Jesus Christ” done?
  • What should those who live by the spirit do? What does this mean?
  • What should they not do?
    • How might this be a temptation to those who live by the spirit?


  • Have your freedoms led you to any addictions or self-enslavement?
    • If so, could you take them to God in prayer right now and ask Him for the ability to be set free from them? (Feel free to take quiet, individual prayer time or discuss openly in the group)
    • How can your group members hold you accountable?
  • Often times, when sinful indulgences surface in our lives or the lives of others, we often use the “don’t judge me” line as a way of saying “I am free to do whatever I want.”
    • What does it require of you personally to live together with others in freedom?
    • When others you know and love are trapped by the enslavement of sins, do you have the ability to pray for them asking God to lead them out of that sin-driven enslavement?
    • Is there anyone the Holy Spirit is putting on your mind now that you could pray for them to know God’s freedom found in Jesus?
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