RelationTips – Week 3

My story:

  • What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?

Going Deeper: 


  • What was new information, surprising, or challenged you from Sunday’s message?


  • According to the sermon, what are the three basic things all relationships struggle with?
    • Why are these struggles so prevalent today?
    • What example can you share?


Read aloud 1 John 4:1-20

  • What is the difference between sacrificial love and selfish love?
  • Give an example of a way you have experienced both.
  • Give an example of how you have given love with the wrong motivation, such as for personal gain.


    • How is Christ the example of ultimate love?


  • What does it mean that His love is made complete in us?


  • In light of the loving example of Jesus, how should we set our expectations of others?
    • What is the difference between healthy and unhealthy expectations? 
  • In what ways does emotional woundedness (baggage) negatively impact relationships?
    • What is the antidote?
  • What role does fear play in misperceptions within our relationships?
  • Why is focusing on your relationship with Jesus the best thing for your relationships?



This week, focus on loving the way God loves.

Ask God the Following:

  1. What am I able to give? Don’t try and give something you don’t have,or  be someone you are not. Embrace your God-given uniqueness. Understand how he made you, and then ask yourself: God, what have you given me, and done in me, that I can share with this person?
  2. What can God do through me? Next, ask what it is he wants to do through you in this relationship? The best way to experience emotional healing in yourself is to try and allow God to love other people through you.
  3. How many ways can I be a blessing?
    1. I guarantee if you add 3 blessings a day to your relationship, it will dramatically change.
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