• What messages does our society communicate to women that undermine their value?
  • What happens when the unique value of women is lost in our society?

If you are so inclined, here is a link to the Roger and Elaine story Pastor Doug read to open the sermon: https://www.foothills.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Dave-Barry-Relationships-Story.pdf

Feel free to discuss as a group.

Going deeper

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what was new information, challenged, or stood out to you?

Read Ephesians 4:1-5 and 17-32

  • How do these verses encourage you to become the woman Jesus is calling you to be?

In the previous weeks, Pastor Doug pointed out the seven practical steps from verses 25-32 to put off the old self and put on the new self:

  1. Lay aside falsehood (v. 25)
  2. Deal with anger (v. 26)
  3. Be productive (v. 28)
  4. Use words well (v. 29)
  5. Eliminate bad thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors (v. 31)
  6. Be kind and compassionate (v. 32)
  7. Forgive (v. 32)

This week, he spoke specifically to women and made the following Three Main Points:

  1. Focus on becoming the healthiest, strongest, most courageous woman you can be (v.1).
    1. C.S. Lewis stated, “Our real selves are waiting for us in Him.”
    2. What prevents you from finding your real self in Him?
  2. Choose who you will listen to.
    1. What does the world communicate to women?
      1. What is the world telling you you should be? What you should care about? What should be important to you?
      2. Which of these messages do you struggle with most?
      3. What actually heals and feeds your soul?
        1. What brings true unadulterated happiness and joy in your life?
      4. Doug made some specific claims:
        • “You have been trained to think like a deconstructionist.”
        • “You have been influenced and molded by feminist ideology.” 
          • “You grew up in an educational system that is built on the assumption that any and all relationships problems are the fault of men. This may be fun, but Be careful…. it can rob you of meaning.”
          • “Barna’s research on Millennial’s lacking purpose and meaning in life.”
        • Here are two things Women tend to do that undermine their relationships:
          •  “You tend to hold back affirmations and become critical of your man.”
          • “You don’t like accountibility in your relationships.”
            • In other words, we can dish criticism, but we don’t like to take it (This is Dayna’s interpretation.)
          • Do you agree or disagree? Give examples.
          • Which of these claims do you struggle with most?

3. Chart a new course in order to strengthen your soul (v.23).

    • How does the way of Jesus satisfy your soul?
    • What makes Him the wellspring of your life?
    • How does this wellspring make for deeper friendships, better marriages, and stronger families?
    • Do you live in the redemptive belief of what Jesus has done and is doing in you?


  • If you are a woman, which of the three main points resonates with you the most and why?


  • Your frame of reference determines how you perceive and evaluate your relationships. If your frame of reference is skewed, then your perception of your relationships will be skewed.
  • How might you be approaching the men in your life with the wrong frame of reference?
    • Take some time this week to pray and seek the face of God. Honestly ask him if your frame of reference reflects His good and perfect will for your life, and if married, your marriage.
    • Journal your thoughts. Have an open, honest conversation with God and ask what he has for you in these passages, and this sermon.
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