• Growing up, what parenting lessons did you learn from your family of origin?
  • What was the most maddening thing your parents did when you were a child?


Going deeper

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what was new information, challenged, or stood out to you?

Read Deuteronomy 6:1-9 and Ephesians 6:1-9

  • How have you experienced or witnessed parents “impressing the word of God” on their children?
    • Share your examples.
    • What fruit came from these examples?
  • What does it mean to bring up children in the Lord without exasperating them?
    • Give examples from your own experience.
  • How is Christ central to Pauls’ teaching and Pastor Harvey’s sermon about parenting?
    • How do these ideas challenge common parenting ideas today?
  • How do these verses encourage you to become the parent (or grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) Jesus is calling you to be?
  • What do these verses mean for you as an adult to honor your parents?
    • How might this improve your relationships with them?

Review Pastor Harvey’s Handout HERE

    • What thoughts or insights can you share?
    • What principles can you work on to help you be a better parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or role model to a young person in your life?


  • If you are a parent, which of these main points resonates with you the most and why?


  • How will you apply these teachings to your parenting this week?
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