The Best Way to Live Your One and Only Life – Week 3



  • If Jesus was not your treasure, what would be? In other words, what are you tempted to put before Jesus?
  • When the pandemic hit, what were the things you were most concerned about? Share it even if you think it was silly.
  • How do you feel about those things now?


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?


Read aloud Matthew 6: 19-34

  • In what ways do values (treasures) dictate a person’s life? (v.19-21)
    • In other words, how do the things people focus on shape and form what they value in their soul?
  • What alternatives, does Jesus propose with respect to treasures, (v.19-21)
    • Bodily conditions? (v. 22-23)
    • Masters? (v. 24)
  • What would be valuable in heaven that isn’t valuable here?
  • What is the link between treasure and heart? Heart and eye? Eye and body? Body and master? Master and money? How is that cycle broken?




  • How has this pandemic helped us discover, as a society, what we value?


    • What’s been good?
    • What’s not good?
  • How has the media culture affected your view of treasure?



  • Learning to trust the Lord, even in times of great stress, is a result of feeding your soul the right values. What values would you like to work on over the summer?
  • What’s your first step in feeding your soul those values?


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