7 Rules for Life – Week 1



  • Who contributed to your spiritual beginnings?
    • How so?
  • How do you respond to anger?
  • When you think about your life, how have you answered the question: Why am I alive?

Rule #1: Never forget your purpose 


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?


Read aloud Galatians 1: 1-23

  • How does Paul assert his authority (v.1)?
  • Why does he do so (v.6)?
  • What is happening to these churches which Paul himself had begun?
  • Given the situation in Galatia, what elements of the gospel does Paul stress and why?
    • Otherwise, what might happen due to the distorted gospel?
  • What accusation is Paul refuting in v. 10?
  • In light of verses 6-7, why does Paul stress where his message came from?
  • Skim Acts 9: 1-31: What do Paul’s comments here add to his conversion story?
    • Why is it so important that the Galatians understand that he is not just passing on second hand information to them?
    • How does this section validate his claim to be an apostle (v.1)
  • What does the fact that Paul preached so extensively without formal approval by the apostles in Jerusalem tell you about him?
    • How do you feel about him as a result?



  • If you had to argue for the reality of the gospel by giving one example of how you have changed as a result of your faith, what would you share?
  • If we don’t find our life purpose in God, we must find it within ourselves or the world around us. Why are these bad options?
  • The more you know Jesus, the stronger your purpose in life will grow. What steps can you take in 2021 to know Jesus more?
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