7 Rules for Life – Week 6



  1. You notice a friend doing something self-destructive, but without any self-awareness. Do you point it out?
    1. What happened the last time you tried?
  2. What does your garden grow without any help?
    1. What about with your help?


Rule # 1: Never forget your purpose

Rule # 2: Don’t be conformed by the world 

Rule # 3: Seek out people who will tell you the truth

Rule # 4: Your life can only be justified by Jesus Christ

Rule # 5: Live for the Right Thing

Rule # 6: Live Free!


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?


Read aloud Galatians 5 

  1. What is at stake here (vv.1-4)?
    1. What does Paul mean by “yoke of slavery”?
  2. If rule-keeping doesn’t count for anything (v.2), but dooms one to fail (vv. 3-4), what does count (vv.5-6)?
    1. Why only faith?
  3. What is Paul’s tone in verses 7-12?
    1. Why does this issue move him so strongly?
  4. In verses 13-15, how does Paul navigate between the danger of legalism on the one side and total license on the other?
  5. Paul says:
    1. We are not “under the law” anymore; We are to fulfill it.
    2. How can both be true at once?
    3. Hint: What are we free from? What are we free for?
  6. According to Paul, if you were made alive by the Spirit, how come you still struggle with sin?
  7. Since we are not under the law, what is wrong with indulging our sinful nature once in awhile?
  8. If not by rule-keeping, how then do we grow spiritually?
    1. How do these fruits (vv. 22-23) flesh out what Paul means by “Christ formed in you” (4:19)?
    2. Illustrate practically what it means to “crucify” the sinful nature and “keep in step” with the Spirit?



  • Which spiritual fruit are “blossoming” for you?
    • In the bud stage?
  • Which sinful acts are “dead and buried”?
    • Which are mortally wounded?
    • “Alive and well”?
  • How can you and the Spirit grow the one and kill the other?
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