FH Strong – Week 9




  • What characteristics or strengths did you get from your father? Your mother?


  • What family event or experience stands out as an example of your family at their closest?


    • Read aloud John 16:33


  • Steps to becoming FH Strong


    • Step 1: Choose Courage
    • Step 2: Sharpen your Character
    • Step 3: Rely on God’s Power
    • Step 4: Focus your life on what really matters
    • Step 5: Choose to live a life of Biblically-based freedom
    • Step 6: Endure through hardships and adversity
    • Step 7: Don’t abandon your faith when adversity strikes.

Main Point:


  • Step 8: Take heart!


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?


Read aloud 1 John 4: 1-21 (it’s a long one, break it into sections and take turns)

  1. What is a false prophet?
  2. How does one resist a false prophet?
  3. How equipped are you to deal with false prophets?
  4. What is this love that John mentions 32 times in this section of scripture?
    1. A warm feeling?
    2. Brotherly obligation? 
    3. Sacrificial action?
    4. Material giving? 
    5. Absence of malice?
    6. Forgiveness of sins?
    7. All of these things?
  5. How is God’s love expressed through Jesus?
    1. Through humans?
  6. How is such love suppressed through fear?
    1. Through hatred?
  7. How is such love made complete or perfect?




  • How is Jesus currently loving you through adversity?


  1. What experience have you had where love cast out fear?
    1. Where fear cast out love?
    2. Where are you seeing this in our culture now?
  2. Where do you have the greatest trouble loving people:
    1. At church?
    2. At the office?
    3. At home?
    4. Why?
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