The New Normal – Week 4


  • Take 15 minutes to share about what God is doing in your life, share prayer requests and pray together.


Main idea: 

Your attitude about change impacts the effect change has on you.


Going deeper:

  • In light of this week’s sermon, what is new information, challenged, or stood out to you?


Take turns reading aloud Genesis chapter 41:1-45

  • If you were Joseph, what do you think would have consumed your thoughts during those two years (v.1)? 
  • What had to take place in Joseph’s life to lead him to this moment to be called by Pharaoh to interpret his dream?
  • What is it about Joseph that continuously leads him to positions of power and/or leadership?
    • Spend some time remembering Joseph’s journey that lead him to a time such as this.
  • What did Joseph predict would happen in Egypt?
  • What was Joseph’s plan?
  • What qualified him to lead through this unique time and circumstance in Egypt?



In verse 38 Pharaoh claims the Spirit of God is with Joseph. This is the first mention in the Bible of the Spirit of God being in someone. If this is true of Jesus followers today, how is God calling us to be a blessing to this broken and hurting world?


Joseph consistently remembered the faithfulness of God. He could have had a completely different perspective regarding his circumstances. Instead, he praised God through the hardships he faced.

  • How did God respond to Joseph’s faithfulness?
  • How can you celebrate God’s faithfulness this week?
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